Is someone doing you an injustice, whether they be your next door neighbour, your nearest and dearest or your supposed friend? People come in all shapes and sizes, make sure the ones closest to you are the ones you can trust.

MINX will investigate your situation and the subjects within, some cases may lead to surveillance; all progress is discussed and agreed by the client before investigations commence.

Infidelity Concerns are dealt with in a most sympathetic and understanding manner with experience investigators handling each separate case.

Surveillance provides a direct honest account of what happens. What we see and the situation it occurred. For all surveillance operations MINX provides a detailed report with exact times and locations. Photographs and video evidence can be obtained in certain situations but are not guaranteed.

Surveillance takes many different forms and can be approached from a number of different angles the "honey trap" being one of these. To find out which method you best suit get in touch with a member of the MINX team.

Consultations If a problem is arising and you wish for it to be dealt with, MINX will liaise with you, and if required a suitable time and place for a consultation with an investigator will be arranged. In some cases and to cut costs, MINX will provide you with a way to help solve your case by your own means.


There can be many reasons why you wish to locate an individual. There are also as many ways to go about tracing a person. Depending on the initial information you provide, MINX will assist you in tracking down your vital subject.

Examples of different reasons for Tracing:

Adoption, Missing Persons, Lost Relatives, Child Support, Default of payment, Debt, Getting married, Want to organise a school reunion? Lost contact with that special somebody? Just want to know that someone is ok. Contact MINX to alleviate the frustration and doubt.


When investing your savings into property, its the most important purchase of your life, so it is critical to grasp the reality of your situation from all angles before you sign anything!

True knowledge comes from bare, hard facts. We furnish you with information which is very often 'swept under the carpet' and excluded so as not to hinder a sale. Our team will locate and monitor the site and surrounding premises compiling reports with your help as to the real community you are settling into.

MINX concentrates on the desires of the client. The reasons the property is being purchased; is it for your aged parent, to bring young children up in, are security or public transport concerns? Whatever trepidations you have regarding the property MINX will take into account.

Noisy neighbours and violent domestic disputes may be too close for comfort. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.

Do not take the risk, once you are in it will too late!!!


Moonlighting and Fraud, Theft, Employee Sickness, Surveillance, Consultations, Employee Referencing

Honey Traps

Part of our service is to offer discreet honey trap services to give you piece of mind should you need it, for more information
on our honey trap services check out our media page


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