Terms and Conditions


The Firm agrees to provide general services.

Price of Services

The price of the service provided to the client by the Firm shall be based upon the Firm?s current price list.
Fees by reference to Time Spent
We keep a record of the time spent upon clients business, by both our detectives and their assistants ("fee earners"). You will be advised as to the fee per hour of the fee earners who are likely to work on your case. All prices are advertised using a daily rate between the hours of 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Any hours worked outside of these hours have an additional 20% fee. After midnight a further 10% and Bank holidays and Weekends 25%

Assessment of Charges

Some work, in which the time to be spent can be predicted with confidence, can be the subject of a fixed quotation. In other types of work we are only able to give an estimate of the cost, based upon the information known from the outset. If circumstances change resulting in additional work that could not have been foreseen, we will agree with you the basis of fee for the additional work.


The Firm will invoice the Client for the current price of the service upon completion, or at agreed stages. Subject to credit being allowed to the Client by the Firm, invoices shall be payable within 30 days of the invoice date. In default of due payment of its invoice, the Firm may in its absolute discretion and irrespective of any other rights maintain an action against the client for the invoice sum upon which interest shall be payable at the rate of 2% per calendar month or part thereof from the date of the invoice until payment. The client shall indemnify the Firm against any legal costs which it may reasonably incur to recover its invoice sum. In matters in which we hold monies due to you we reserve the right to retain monies with which to pay accounts delivered and to account to you for the balance.


Expenses that occur on or as part of the case, as an external expense to the Firm. Including fees paid to third parties for such matters as experts reports, registration fees. We reserve the right to ask you to fund proper expenses incurred or to be incurred in connection with the clients affairs, as and when they arise. (Mileage) 60pence per mile for the first 150 miles 50pence thereafter.


The Firm shall not be liable for loss and/or damages sustained by the client by reason of any cause whatsoever. The Firm shall not be liable for loss and/or damage sustained by the Client resulting from any acts, errors or omissions by the Firm or its employees. The Firm shall not be liable for loss and/or damage sustained by the Client resulting from any reliance placed upon information provided to the Client by the Firm.

Termination of Retainer

If these terms of business are not complied with we reserve the right to suspend work on your file and any other current file and /or withdraw from the retainer.

Personal Responsibility For Costs

We are obliged by professional rules to inform our clients in contentious matters:-

i. they will remain personally responsible for their solicitors costs regardless of any Order made for costs against an opponent.
ii. of the probability that if they lose they will have to pay their opponents costs as well as their own.
iii. that if they win an Order for costs against their opponent, is not likely to cover all their costs incurred with their own solicitor and their opponent may not be capable of paying what he has been ordered to pay.
iv. if their opponent is legally aided they are unlikely to be entitled to enforce an Order for costs made against him.


It is the intention of Minx007 that our clients receive the best possible service. We regard it as essential therefore that if a client is dissatisfied, the Firm should learn of that dissatisfaction as quickly as possible in order to take any possible remedial step.
If you have any reason to be unhappy with the work carried out on your behalf you must raise the matter immediately with the person carrying out the work. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction or if you feel unable to raise it with the fee earner who is dealing with the matter then you must raise the matter with a senior member of the Firm.
The senior member of the Firm you contact will listen to the circumstances and agree with you the action that is to be taken. She will then investigate the matter and will write to you with an explanation as to what action can be taken. If we cannot satisfy you in this way there are other courses available to you upon which you will need to take advice from an independent solicitor. We hope this procedure will contribute towards the high level of service we endeavour to supply to our clients.

Proper Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by English Law and any dispute arising out of or in connection
with the same shall be determined by the English Courts.


The client agrees to provide 48 hours notice of cancellation of any booked time or services and to accept
billing for services booked should such notice not be given. The client may not withhold payment of any
invoice or other amount due to the Firm by reason of any right of set-off or counterclaim which the client
may have or allege to have for any reason whatsoever.

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